Wizard Trees Genetics ROUTE 65

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Flowering Time : 9 weeks
Genetics : ( Studio 54 x RS11 )
Sex : Feminized
Yield : Heavy
Size : 3, 6 count

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Jeeter Juice Disposable Jeeter Juice Lemon Drop is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has a deliciously fruity and tangy aroma and tastes just about the same. The name speaks for itself, as it has an incredible sweet lemony and tropical taste. Individuals may feel euphoric and will experience an increase in appetite. The strain may be used to treat anxiety, anorexia and even depression.   Jeeter Juice Lemon Drop Effect The Lemon Drop strain has euphoric and hunger inducing effects. Watch your troubles melt just like the song suggests as you go over the rainbow with Lemon Drops.   Taste Lemon Drop has a delightful lemony sweet flavor, just like its candy namesake. Sweet, citrusy and bright, this strain’s flavors will have you feeling cheery in no time


Wizard Trees Genetics ROUTE 65

Route 65, a powerful hybrid within the RS genetic lineage. This strain combines Studio 54 and RS11, resulting in a potent experience with a dominant gassy terpene profile. If you’re in search of high-testing, potent strains in the Rainbow Sherbert lineage untouched by outcrossing to other genetic families, Route 65 is the answer. Discover the pinnacle of potency and effects with Route 65, a true gem within the RS genetic lineage.

Welcome to the World of Wizard Trees Genetics Route 65 Feminized Seeds!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery with Route 65? At Wizard Trees Genetics, we are proud to introduce our premium Route 65 feminized seeds, meticulously crafted to empower growers with exceptional yields and top-tier quality.

Why Choose Wizard Trees Genetics Route 65 Feminized Seeds?

  •  High-Yield Potential: Experience bountiful harvests with our Route 65 feminized seeds, designed to maximize your cultivation efforts and deliver outstanding results.
  •  Genetic Prowess: Our seeds are the product of expert breeding and genetic refinement, ensuring stability and consistency in every grow, so you can cultivate with confidence.
  •  Robust and Resilient Plants: Route 65 feminized seeds give rise to robust plants that thrive in various growing conditions, making them an ideal choice for both novice and experienced growers.
  •  Unparalleled Quality: We take pride in offering seeds of the highest quality, enabling you to cultivate with assurance and achieve the full potential of Route 65.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to cultivate a garden filled with the finest Route 65 plants. Embrace the journey of cultivation and witness the magic unfold with Wizard Trees Genetics Route 65 Feminized Seeds. Get your seeds today and set your cultivation endeavors on the path to success! #GrowWithWizardTrees #Route65FeminizedSeeds





20 reviews for Wizard Trees Genetics ROUTE 65

  1. rx******vl (verified owner)

    I think it was good only a few hits I feel relaxed and clam and a little sleepy..

  2. An****l (verified owner)

    This is DEFINITELY an Indica dominant hybrid with a THC level of 22%-30%. It’s got a VERY pungent, thick, diesel, citrusy taste that you don’t want to stop hitting, and you don’t cough if you’re using a good quality bong! It absolutely just melts away pain, anxiety, stress, PTSD, while you just sink into whatever you’re laying on, very euphoric. If you can find this hidden gem, BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!

  3. Hy******ce (verified owner)

    By far best selections. Fast turn around. Present with every order ???? Highly recommend 5⭐️ rating

  4. Ge******das (verified owner)

    Good stuff, good price and delivery on time.

  5. vg******ld (verified owner)

    I had stage III colon cancer with a long chemotherapy treatment. At one point my white blood cells were border line for continuing treatment; at that point, I had had enough. I decided I would try marijuana. I discussed this with my oncologist and he was supportive. I distinctly remember using marijuana the first time after a chemotherapy session. After a few short minutes, I felt better than I had in a very long time. I came downstairs asking what was for dinner, which really surprised my wife! That was far different than any other time after a chemo treatment session. My oncologist noted I was gaining weight, and at the end of my treatment, he commented I had actually gained weight during my time in Chemotherapy.

  6. l*******d (verified owner)

    This is one of my very favorite strains. I am unusually vulnerable to feeling anxiety and paranoia when using cannabis, Jack has never even made me tense. A reliable calm and uplifting experience that doesn’t cloud my mind. Functional daytime medicine. I avoid this when I do school work, but that’s about it. Only downsides in my experience are: morning headache (if smoked to close to bedtime) and unending, irreconcilable munchies. I would heavily recommend this strain to anyone dealing with PTSD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and Chemo. Honestly, if I where diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, my 3rd move would be to find Jack Herer in flower and clone. Do yourself a favor and go find some, a very special strain.

  7. Cha******rd (verified owner)

    Smells and tastes amazing. Definitely letting friends know about this product!!

  8. D****c (verified owner)

    so great!!! I smoke some before watching tv, sleeping, playing video games, and listening to music. hits hard

  9. D****d (verified owner)

    Just got this strain, me and my buddy were both pleasantly surprised with the nose, it immediately smells super fruity, the smoke is dense so I was shocked by how smooth the hits were. It’s definitely relaxing but not in a fatigue way I was super talkative and mentally alert just had that heaviness in my body, overall great strain

  10. A****h (verified owner)

    The body high that it gives me is like my limbs are weightless and tingling; such a great feeling! it has a great mood boosting effect as well. It was recommended to me by a worker at a local shop; it was new and they had just gotten it in. The smell once you get the jar open is lovely, earthy and green! It’s a high that is great to share

  11. Sp******ll (verified owner)

    Great prices amazing products. A must place to order. So many things to choose from

  12. D****d (verified owner)

    A good bang for your buck

  13. H****r (verified owner)

    Still the best version of Blue dream out there

  14. P******ty (verified owner)

    so so in love with the medplex and alpha products.

  15. db******we (verified owner)

    used this strain in a dab pen, so relaxing and surprisingly good taste and smell. made me feel quite sleepy too.

  16. l*******d (verified owner)

    Dense and sticky buds that were trimmed beautifully. Smells glorious!! Vaporized in a volcano and it was AMAZING!!! Instantly relieved my neck and back pain. I have MS, RA and a rare brain disorder that requires a shunt to drain spinal fluid. I’ve been in a lot of pain lately so I was hoping Wizard Trees could help me out. Jim suggested some route 65 and gave me a little bit to try. This morning I woke up in horrible pain, I could hardly move. My girlfriend loaded the vaporizer with some Jack and 10min later I was sitting up enjoying coffee with a big smile on my face. 🙂 The muscle pain began to melt away and I felt like I was floating happily on the bed. It gave me zero anxiety which is great because I tend to feel anxious with sativas. I LOVE this flower!! I FINALLY found a great daytime smoke!!

  17. fl*******d (verified owner)

    enjoyed the positive effects, mood uplift, focus… but gives me a massive headache every time, without fail. even when I mixed it with other strains that don’t give me headaches. never again. only a couple strains do this to me and they’re always hybrids that have carophyllene. no idea if that has anything to do with it, though.

  18. fl*******d (verified owner)

    This is probably one of best strains out there. But smoking it felt like a sativa more than indica . I think cuz it’s mixed . Only downfall I couldn’t sleep kept me awake all night and had to take a sleeping tablet that’s my only concern taking it again.

  19. In******ot (verified owner)

    Excellent Product. Would recommend

  20. C****s (verified owner)

    I, of course, had a great time while on this product. If you like not having that feeling of still being high the next day, I would suggest this to you.

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