Wizard Trees x Burning Rope Pharms WIZARD FUEL

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Flower – Wizard Fuel

Effects: Relaxing, Happy, Energetic, Uplifting

Lineage : Rope Fuel x RS11
Size : 3.5 grams

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Wizard Trees x Burning Rope Pharms WIZARD FUEL

Wizard Trees x Burning Rope Pharms’ Wizard Fuel is a Hybrid type product. It has a sweet, earthy aroma with hints of citrus and pine. Its effects are uplifting and energizing, making it a great choice for daytime use. It’s a great choice for those looking for a balanced, energizing experience.

Introducing Wizard Fuel, a collaborative masterpiece crafted by Wizard Trees and Burning Rope Pharms. This high-octane strain is the epitome of premium cannabis innovation, designed to ignite the senses and fuel the imagination.

Derived from a meticulous fusion of potent genetics, Wizard Fuel embodies the best of both worlds, boasting the robust characteristics of Wizard Trees’ signature strains, seamlessly blended with the distinctive touch of Burning Rope Pharms.

With a tantalizing terpene profile and a THC content that packs a powerful punch, Wizard Fuel promises an exhilarating experience for the most discerning connoisseurs. Whether you’re seeking a creative spark or a moment of pure relaxation, this exceptional strain delivers an unparalleled journey through the realms of euphoria and tranquility.

Available in select dispensaries, Wizard Fuel stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of two industry leaders, inviting enthusiasts to embark on a truly magical cannabis adventure. Experience the fusion of excellence with Wizard Fuel, where potency meets perfection.

Rope Fuel x RS11 Review

Rope Fuel x RS11 is a hybrid strain that combines the genetics of Rope Fuel and RS11, offering a unique and potent cannabis experience. Rope Fuel x RS11 is a 70% indica and 30% sativa hybrid with a THC range of 13.0% – 28.0%.

The RS11 strain, which is part of the genetic makeup of Rope Fuel x RS11, is known for its calming, happy, and sleepy effects, making it suitable for chronic pain, insomnia, and stress It has a unique fruity flavor profile with hints of sour citrus and is reported to provide noticeable sedation while keeping users mentally alert.

As for Rope Fuel, it is a product of the collaboration between Wizard Trees and Burning Rope Pharms. It has a sweet, earthy aroma with hints of citrus and pine, and its effects are described as uplifting and energizing, making it a great choice for daytime use.

The combination of these two strains in Rope Fuel x RS11 promises a harmonious blend of calming and uplifting effects, along with a delightful flavor profile. This hybrid strain is likely to appeal to cannabis enthusiasts seeking a balanced and invigorating experience.

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15 reviews for Wizard Trees x Burning Rope Pharms WIZARD FUEL

  1. Br****n (verified owner)

    Everything you want in one place. Been using them for a few years now, no issue.

  2. ev******nt (verified owner)

    Amazing strain, strong effects with great medical benefits. Love it!

  3. qk******kr (verified owner)

    great nighttime smoke. so relaxing!

  4. A****h (verified owner)

    Awesome website easy to use and amazing products at a decent price would “highly” recommend wizard trees

  5. A****h (verified owner)

    The name suits the high, love the way it makes me feel!

  6. y******ery (verified owner)

    Great simple to use service! Used it for years never had a problem

  7. A****y (verified owner)

    10/10. Late review. Top shelf bud!! reviewed today took 3 days to arrive

  8. db******we (verified owner)

    This is a fine choice herb. Picked up some starts this last spring and although the plant size was not very large the bud production was outstanding. large sticky purple nugs and the smoke was a sweet mellow flavor. The high was both stress lifting and relaxing leaving a almost euphoric state . Highly recommend this strain someone did a great job with this strain keep up the good work people!!

  9. An****l (verified owner)

    Love the flavor on this thing. Smooth and fruity. Good hits, and has lasted what seems to be forever.

  10. B******oup (verified owner)

    Great prices amazing products. A must place to order. So many things to choose from

  11. Br****n (verified owner)

    Everything I love for my brain in one strain. The brain strain, focused, calm, anxiety chills out. I have even had thoughts that if I had to pick one strain forever, this might be it.

  12. io******uj (verified owner)

    Great flavor. Powerful effects. Highly recommend.

  13. Sa******st (verified owner)

    Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself to the best money can buy, go wizard trees!

  14. db******we (verified owner)

    Smelled really good. Got me really baked. Easy 5/5!

  15. H****r (verified owner)

    Do not waste your money on this strain!!!

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