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Elevate your smoking experience with the Wizard Trees Legacy Ashtray. Featuring a frosted finish, this stylish ashtray showcases the iconic Wizard Trees logo in the center, exuding an air of mystique. Meticulously crafted, it offers a convenient and elegant solution for ash disposal. Let the legacy of Wizard Trees accompany your smoking rituals in a truly enchanting way.

4 reviews for Wizard Trees FROSTED ASHTRAY

  1. ja*****gh (verified owner)

    Poorly made. Very disappointed!

  2. fe*****z (verified owner)

    So I bought this ashtray as it was far too cold outside to smoke and reserved to a room to smoke in. The fact is that it works. The caveat is that it works only when it sits in the ashtray. Make no illusion to the fact that once removed from the ashtray, the cigarette will smoke as normal. Then consider blowing smoke out. So you have to make some consideration of these, albeit small, but important factors.

  3. ja*****gh (verified owner)

    I’m updating my review and detracting 1 star – I’ve been using this portable ashtray for a few weeks now and have found that when it comes to removing the leftover butt it’s a bit difficult because the ashtray is very small – I end up getting my 2 fingers smelly and dirty – otherwise I am still enjoying it. I smoke one cigarette each morning in my car in the parking lot at work before I go in. I hated throwing that one butt out of my window onto the pavement because I usually park in the same spot – so after a week, that’s 5 butts on the ground around my parking space (pretty piggy looking). This little metal travel ashtray works perfectly for me – I put the butt out in it, then slip it inside, slide it shut and leave it in my car. Because it closes tightly, there’s no smell when I get back in my car at the end of the day and I throw the butt away when I get home…no muss, no fuss, no butts on the ground around my car anymore…SUCCESS!

  4. j*****th (verified owner)

    I would love to find a really good “smokeless ashtray”, but haven’t found one yet! This product, however, comes the closest to being “good” so 4 stars. (I have tried 3-4 others.)

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