Wizard Trees Genetics HEEL HOOK

16 reviews

Original price was: $250.00.Current price is: $220.00.


Flowering Time : 9 weeks
Genetics : ( Chem #3 x RS11 )
Sex : Feminized
Yield : Heavy
Size : 6 count
Original price was: $250.00.Current price is: $220.00.


Wizard Trees Genetics HEEL HOOK

Heel Hook, a potent hybrid created by crossing RS11 with Chem3. A hash maker’s dream, this strain may take a bit longer to flower, but the wait is well worth it. It packs a massive punch and stands out as one of the most potent smokes in the RS collection. Look for the unmistakable Chem #3 dominant phenotypes with its characteristic chem traits. Darker leaves, thick white pistils, and that undeniable chem funk smell, Heel Hook captures the essence of what old chem heads crave. Don’t miss out on this captivating strain, perfect for true cannabis enthusiasts.

Unleash the Power of Wizard Trees Genetics HEEL HOOK – Elevate Your Cannabis Garden to New Heights

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of cannabis cultivation with Wizard Trees Genetics HEEL HOOK. A feminized marijuana seed strain designed to captivate the senses and elevate the standards of premium cannabis cultivation. HEEL HOOK promises an exceptional growing experience, leading to a bountiful harvest of top-quality buds that will redefine your perception of cannabis excellence.

With its vigorous growth, exceptional resin production, and captivating aroma, HEEL HOOK is a testament to the dedication and expertise of Wizard Trees Genetics. Each seed embodies the potential to cultivate a garden of extraordinary beauty, replete with dense, aromatic buds that reflect the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation.

Visit wlzardtrees.com to explore the unparalleled potential of Wizard Trees Genetics HEEL HOOK and elevate your cannabis garden to new heights. Join the ranks of cultivators who dare to push the boundaries of cannabis cultivation and unlock the full potential of their harvests. Elevate your cannabis journey with Wizard Trees Genetics HEEL HOOK – where excellence meets innovation.

16 reviews for Wizard Trees Genetics HEEL HOOK

  1. jy******mq (verified owner)

    Some think this is overhyped, but when you get a good batch it can be fantastic. This run by wizard trees is quite tasty and one of the stronger I’ve had. Definitely recommend! Starts off with a nice euphoric effect and a little energy, then settles in with a great body buzz. Well balanced hybrid

  2. yv******fh (verified owner)

    Love it, and I can carry it everywhere I go. And I really like the flavor too.

  3. Sp******ll (verified owner)

    the best strain, taste, high, organoleptic. Everybody enjoy this beauty plant.

  4. ox******vj (verified owner)

    There are enormous benefits for this drug. If you are a chronic pain sufferer – why should you suffer when there is a natural alternative. My research has led me to the conclusion that when used properly, the benefits outweigh the risks. People drink alcohol everyday to ease their so called pains. Really – what is the difference?

  5. cz******rg (verified owner)

    Medical user for body pain and nausea. Had me relaxed, calm and happy. Pain free of course.

  6. D****c (verified owner)

    10/10. Late review. Top shelf bud!! reviewed today took 3 days to arrive

  7. Av******ed (verified owner)

    Great place for all cannabis products

  8. Th******utor (verified owner)

    Wow! Great to knock out pain. Great happy, euphoria surge, natural pain killer and anti depressant! Definitely a go to for productivity – tasks – social settings (made me very chatty) day time type !

  9. Br****n (verified owner)

    Love the flavor on this thing. Smooth and fruity. Good hits, and has lasted what seems to be forever.

  10. qz******oh (verified owner)

    It’s a clone only strain from Quebec Canada. takes 9 weeks to flower. Roots very well. Pure India strain which is 16% THC or greater.

  11. D****n (verified owner)

    I thought this was the worst cannabis I have ever gotten from G2G med’s. The buds were small and dry as shit. Very disappointed! I smoked 2 bowls and felt nothing! Do not waste your money on this strain!!!

  12. A****y (verified owner)

    Phenomenal! Everything about these guys was great – comes and the stealth was top of its game and as for the packs – sensational! Beautiful smoke and thank you for the extras too guys! Really appreciate this. Will be using dabs and donuts alot more after my first experience. Highly recommended!

  13. E****rd (verified owner)

    Gives you a very nice head high that leads into a very nice body high nice bed time strain super relaxing and calming

  14. In******ot (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this product very much.

  15. f******th (verified owner)

    I’m an experienced smoker as well as pain expert..This was incredible pain relief..Feel playful..LOVED it

  16. cz******rg (verified owner)

    Has a nice sweet flavor However, the high is average. Still relaxing, but not over the top.

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