Wizard Trees x Fiya Farmer CREAM

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C.R.E.A.M. by Wizard Trees

Effects: Sleepy

Lineage :
Size : 3.5 grams

Cream by wizard trees bred by fiya farmer

Lineage/Genetics: GM3 x Thin Mint Cookies

Original Breeder: Fiya Farmer

Grower: Wizard Trees


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C.R.E.A.M. by Wizard Trees

Wizard Trees x Fiya Farmer C.R.E.A.M.


Strain Review: Cream by Wizard Trees x Fiya Farmer

Cream Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Bag appeal: 9/10 straight white and purple nugs. Trichome coverage is absolutely insane. Looks like it’s just a ball of trichomes. Very nice cure and trim. The structure was a little weird, couldn’t really tell where the top and bottom of the bud was but other then it was gorgeous. Very sticky too.

Smell: 8.0/10 very creamy herbal smell with a slight berry and gas smell on the backend. The spicy herbal smell really overtook everything else. I personally wasn’t a huge fan of it but it was definitely loud and unique and I can see where a lot of people would like it. Just not the type of terps I prefer.

Smoke:8.75/10 man does this guy know how to grow some good smoking weed. Every single hit was so incredibly smooth…. Burnt as clean as can be and has you absolutely SMACKED in the middle of the joint. Definitely had a little bit of that peppery herbal taste but the creaminess and slight berry make it an absolute delight to smoke. For something I didn’t like the smell of that much, this tasted hella good and smoked even better. I kept coming back to this one a bunch of times just because of that. This that bomb diggity.

Overall: 8.75/10 this was an absolute delight to smoke. Got me absolutely lit and burned like a dream. Usually I go with my nose over just about anything but with this one my nose deceived me. It still isn’t something that I’d go out of my way to go and get for MYSELF but it is something that I would 100% suggest anyone try just because it’s such a different terp profile from the rest of the cali rec market. Also even if you don’t like the smell I guarantee you’ll enjoy the smoke and effects haha just some quality quality grown stuff. You can tell wizard trees puts immense care and love in to his craft. Go check this out next time a fresh batch drops and grab anything else you can from wizard trees cause he’s one of the very best in the world!!!

Wizard Trees x Fiya Farmer CREAM

C.R.E.A.M., which stands for Cookies, Rosin, Edibles, And More, is a strain developed by Wizard Trees and Fiya Farmer. It’s a cross between Grease Monkey and Thin Mint Cookies, with Grease Monkey being a combination of Gorilla Glue and Cookies, and Thin Mint being a blend of Durban Poison and OG Kush. The strain boasts tiny white hairs and perfect trichome crystals, giving its colas a white appearance from afar. Its aroma is described as rich, chalky, musty, woody, and chocolatey, with a gentle deep dark chocolate note during the inhale and light sweet cookie dough notes during the exhale. The smoking experience is considered one of the best top-shelf experiences due to its clean burning and smooth smoke. The high is reportedly clear-headed and uplifting, making it suitable for various activities including socializing and parties. You may find C.R.E.A.M. by Wizard Trees and Fiya Farmer at select dispensaries where Wizard Trees products are sold.

15 reviews for Wizard Trees x Fiya Farmer CREAM

  1. E******ge (verified owner)

    Holy hell. The taste was amazing. Great high. Absolutely remarkable.

  2. Sto******ega (verified owner)

    Always good product and fast service 10/10

  3. F******sh (verified owner)

    If I’m around people I get really rowdy and talkative. But if I’m alone I either wanna just watch tv or go on an adventure, I love it!

  4. A****y (verified owner)

    The body high that it gives me is like my limbs are weightless and tingling; such a great feeling! it has a great mood boosting effect as well. It was recommended to me by a worker at a local shop; it was new and they had just gotten it in. The smell once you get the jar open is lovely, earthy and green! It’s a high that is great to share

  5. D****d (verified owner)

    Good flavor, good price for a premium cart.

  6. vg******ld (verified owner)

    Got this with my friend the other day and it definitely helped me with my anxiety, made me more talkative, relaxed and eased my muscle spasms. Should be careful if your a lightweight as it is potent. Good for wake n bake and daytime use.

  7. A****y (verified owner)

    so great!!! I smoke some before watching tv, sleeping, playing video games, and listening to music. hits hard

  8. Swa******gy (verified owner)

    I shop at medplex because they have my favorite brands like torch, alpha and extrax. they also offer coupon codes for additional saving like i just used the halloween coupon code for 10% off. they are already priced well as it is but its always nice to have a little bit of extra savings. 7grams of flower

  9. D****n (verified owner)

    I feel great right now! Alert, ready to start the day

  10. kb******uk (verified owner)

    Super clear-headed and euphoric high. Has me functioning great from the top but my body seems to be struggling to keep up lol overall very nice

  11. Th******utor (verified owner)

    Good prices and the products are awesome

  12. db******we (verified owner)

    It’s a clone only strain from Quebec Canada. takes 9 weeks to flower. Roots very well. Pure India strain which is 16% THC or greater.

  13. ja******oe (verified owner)

    This will not disappoint . I love this strain . xxxx

  14. fn******wt (verified owner)

    pretty good

  15. vg******ld (verified owner)

    I found this site last month and wish i found it years ago. Have yet to be disappointed ????

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