Wizard Trees 11:11

15 reviews



Effects: Relaxed

Lineage : RS11 x RS11
Size : 3.5 grams


11:11, an S1 of the renowned RS11 strain that has made its mark worldwide. This release ensures the continuation of its lineage, making it available to cannabis enthusiasts everywhere.

Serving as excellent breeding stock for future lines, 11:11 is poised to become an integral part of the cannabis gene pool. Prepare to discover a range of variations of RS11 within its progeny.

Anticipate heavy-yielding plants boasting an unmistakable Rainbow Sherbert terpene profile and morphology. Serving as the backbone of the RS collection, these seeds hold the key to unlocking the numerous reasons why the RS collection is held in such high regard. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the extraordinary essence of 11:11 and witness firsthand the qualities that define the RS collection.

15 reviews for Wizard Trees 11:11

  1. E****rd (verified owner)

    These prerolls have been very helpful for eating and for depression, i.e. No anxiety attacks or really much of any symptoms relating to my ptsd since I’ve been keeping this one in my rotation of meds. Recommending this highly to anyone out here looking for a product to keep on their shelf that is consistent with inducing hunger. Buy this in bulk and thank me later (:

  2. cn******by (verified owner)

    I found it great before bed. Relaxing.

  3. xg******lb (verified owner)

    Just got this strain, me and my buddy were both pleasantly surprised with the nose, it immediately smells super fruity, the smoke is dense so I was shocked by how smooth the hits were. It’s definitely relaxing but not in a fatigue way I was super talkative and mentally alert just had that heaviness in my body, overall great strain

  4. Del******y (verified owner)

    Love it, and I can carry it everywhere I go. And I really like the flavor too.

  5. qz******oh (verified owner)

    This strain is great. It’s got dense buds, lots of crystals and really helps work depression

  6. ev******nt (verified owner)

    very dense heavy buds. beautiful purple color. great woodsy flavor

  7. Ne******ew (verified owner)

    The high was very uplifting, perfect for being outdoors. The roll ended up lasting me for quite a while because it was so potent, could only really take 4 or so hits before getting stoned.

  8. Cha******rd (verified owner)

    I will always come back to this right here. Because this just hits all my good spots

  9. A****y (verified owner)

    The name suits the high, love the way it makes me feel!

  10. A****y (verified owner)

    I feel great right now! Alert, ready to start the day

  11. An****l (verified owner)

    Good flavor, good price for a premium cart.

  12. An****l (verified owner)

    Good flavor, good price for a premium cart.

  13. as******xy (verified owner)

    The products sold here are top shelf, no question about that. ????

  14. Gr******st (verified owner)

    Smelled really good. Got me really baked. Easy 5/5!

  15. of******dc (verified owner)

    Absolutely delightful strain of cannabis. Has a interesting delicious taste. It makes you feel like sunshine is on your shoulders through the high and often the next day. My go to for sleep aid and relaxation. Fantastic strain.

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