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Jeeter Infused Pre Rolls

Grape Ape is an indica strain that crosses Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani. As one might expect, its dense, compact buds are wreathed in deep purple leaves which darken as Grape Ape reaches full maturation. It is named for its distinct, sweet grape-like aroma and flavor profile with a slight, spicy earth accent that carries over from its Afghani lineage. This complex cultivar’s effect profile provides a carefree relaxation that has been reported to help soothe pain, stress, and anxiety.

Grape Ape Effects

This strain has carefree, relaxing effects. It may be very helpful for those looking to wind down after a stressful day.


Is packed full with sweet, fruity flavor. True to its name, this strain has a scrumptiously sweet grape and berries flavor.
Our infused pre-rolls get their flavor from a mix of cannabis-derived and botanical terpenes. Within our flower and kief are cannabis-derived terpene profiles, unique to each strain, that determine not only the strain’s flavor, but its effects as well


Wizard Trees Clothing Co. WIZARD SKULLS

Introducing the “Wizard Skulls” Premium Tee, a black shirt that merges the mystic allure of Wizard Trees with the fiery spirit of Burning Rope. Crafted on premium Angeles Apparel blanks, this tee proudly holds the title of the heaviest tee available on the market, providing a cozy, sweater-like feel.

This tee is part of our exclusive garment dye line, ensuring a custom-dyed color that remains shrink-free. Sewn with 100% USA-grown cotton, it offers unmatched softness and breathability for your ultimate comfort.

T-shirt is a part of the exclusive Wizard Trees Collection, where style meets the cannabis culture. Crafted with exceptional quality and design, this premium apparel features an iconic legacy logo that reflects the essence of Wizard Trees. When you wear this t-shirt, you’re not just making a fashion statement – you’re embracing a lifestyle and showcasing your love for cannabis with exclusive merchandise.

Unique Design for Everyone

The WIZARD SKULLS T-shirt is not just a piece of clothing; it’s a symbol of individuality and creativity. The design features a captivating blend of elements that resonate with the cannabis culture, making it a perfect choice for men, women, and everyone who appreciates unique and stylish apparel.

Embrace the Essence of Wizard Trees

At Wizard Trees Clothing Co., we are committed to offering finely crafted merchandise that resonates with the cannabis community. The WIZARD SKULLS T-shirt is a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional products that elevate your style and reflect your passion for cannabis.

Get Your WIZARD SKULLS T-Shirt Today!

Visit wlzardtrees.com to explore the exclusive Wizard Trees Collection and get your hands on the WIZARD SKULLS T-shirt. Embrace the essence of Wizard Trees and elevate your cannabis lifestyle with this limited-edition t-shirt.

Limited quantities available. Order now and showcase your love for cannabis with style.


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