Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW RUNTZ

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Flowering Time : 9 weeks
Genetics : ( R Runtz x RS11 )
Sex : Feminized
Yield : Medium – Heavy
Size : 6 count


Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW RUNTZ

Rainbow Runtz offers everything you desire from an RS11 and Runtz combination. Carrying that characteristic Runtz candy gas profile complemented by large RS11-like flowers, Rainbow Runtz is becoming an all-time favorite. High potent yields with an unmistakable nose, dark colorful flowers covered in trichomes with contrasting pistils in most of its progeny, it checks all the boxes.

Introducing Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW RUNTZ Seeds!

Are you ready to grow the most vibrant and flavorful cannabis plants? Look no further than Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW RUNTZ Seeds! Our premium seeds are carefully bred to bring out the best in RAINBOW RUNTZ strain, ensuring a bountiful harvest of top-quality buds.

Why choose Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW RUNTZ Seeds?

  • Superior Genetics: Our seeds are bred using cutting-edge techniques to ensure genetic stability and consistency, guaranteeing a successful grow every time.
  • Exquisite Flavor Profile: Experience the unique blend of sweet, fruity, and tropical flavors that RAINBOW RUNTZ is renowned for, all from the comfort of your own garden.
  • Stunning Aesthetic Appeal: With vibrant colors and a delightful aroma, your garden will be transformed into a kaleidoscope of beauty with our RAINBOW RUNTZ plants.
  • Unmatched Quality: We take pride in delivering seeds of the highest quality, so you can cultivate with confidence and achieve exceptional results.

But that’s not all! Simply search for “Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW RUNTZ Seeds” and embark on your journey to cultivate the most exquisite RAINBOW RUNTZ plants.

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16 reviews for Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW RUNTZ

  1. y******ery (verified owner)

    Quick shipping received within 3 days.

  2. P******ty (verified owner)

    It got me lit it eased my pain in my leg and my anxiety was gone so I give it a 10 out of 10

  3. D****n (verified owner)

    my dear friend, I would say this is an go to smoke, one of my all time favorites. It doesn’t come out swinging, no, this sugar floats and stings. Whomever grew this did a fine job, enjoyed first through a water-fall bong ????Ooghhh, extraordinarily creamy,thick smoke, cleared it, no cough, no choke, so sweet! Buzz came on, tuned me up right, stayed on for over an hour or more. I was intrested and having a GREAT time with a friend, yet, totally relaxed. Especially since my neck quit hurting! It actually felt like my shoulders and neck relaxed and expanded to normal! My friend mentioned “it’s a cervical collar weed “, and it is. In the best way????

  4. C****en (verified owner)

    Recommend for everyone, this preroll is a classic and a product that I will have lots of fun with in the future. It’s one of my favorites.

  5. E****rd (verified owner)

    Got a medical marijuana card perscribed to me last year (was 18) now 19 and its been all great so far. Took ADHD meds and Anti Anxiety meds that changed my mood and made me develope very fast and caused me to have severe mood swings. My parents have been great I told them I wanted to try medical marijuana, they took my to my local doctor to assign me one. The last year has been wonderful, haven’t taken a single ADHD pill in the entire year and have not had to take a single pain pill (I have scoliosis)

  6. A****h (verified owner)

    Top tier strain. Leaves you feeling euphoric and light. Anxiety has completely calmed and everything feels happy.

  7. lz******fp (verified owner)

    4.3*** I’ve had better indica, but if you’re in the mood for something slow-to-start this is the perfect strain. It begins with a clear-headed high and eventually dulls down into a sleepy trance.

  8. Sp******ll (verified owner)

    Always good product and fast service 10/10

  9. A****n (verified owner)

    Great cart, hard hitting for a great price.

  10. H****r (verified owner)

    Great cart, hard hitting for a great price.

  11. E****rd (verified owner)

    so great!!! I smoke some before watching tv, sleeping, playing video games, and listening to music. hits hard

  12. re******no (verified owner)

    Solid 10:10 in my book

  13. Lu******ar (verified owner)

    This was really good!

  14. db******we (verified owner)

    Relaxed feeling accompanied with a floral honey taste.

  15. Cha******rd (verified owner)

    Good pricing on all of the products they have available. quick shippers.

  16. Al****n (verified owner)

    Definitely a large animal tranquilizer. Great for freak-outs. Feels like a paralytic of the legs and feet in a good way.

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