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Experience the ultimate grinding power with the Santa Cruz Shredder x Wizard Trees Collaboration 4-Piece Grinder. This official collaboration showcases a stunning purple anodized aluminum body, adorned with striking lightning accents
that add a touch of electrifying magic. With the iconic legacy Wizard Trees logo prominently displayed, this grinder combines style with functionality. Prepare your herbs with precision and ease, and let the collaboration between Santa Cruz Shredder and Wizard Trees elevate your grinding experience to new heights.

Introducing the Wizard Trees SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER Grinder 

Are you ready to take your cannabis grinding experience to the next level? Look no further than the Wizard Trees SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER, the ultimate tool for precision grinding and superior results. Crafted with precision engineering and designed for the discerning cannabis connoisseur, this grinder is the epitome of quality and performance.

Unleash the Power of Precision Grinding

The Wizard Trees SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER is not just any ordinary grinder – it’s a game-changer. Engineered with advanced technology and premium materials, this grinder delivers a consistent, fine grind that unlocks the full potential of your cannabis. Say goodbye to uneven grinds and hello to a smooth and potent smoking experience.

Unrivaled Quality and Durability

Crafted with aerospace-grade aluminum, the SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER is built to last. Its innovative tooth design and unique threading pattern ensure effortless grinding and maintenance, while the anodized finish adds a touch of elegance. This grinder is more than a tool – it’s a statement of quality and craftsmanship.

Elevate Your Cannabis Ritual with Wizard Trees

At Wizard Trees, we understand the importance of precision and quality in the cannabis experience. The SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER embodies our commitment to providing enthusiasts with premium accessories that enhance their ritual. It’s not just a grinder – it’s a testament to your dedication to the art of cannabis enjoyment.

Experience the Difference Today

Visit wlzardtrees.com to explore the Wizard Trees SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER and elevate your cannabis ritual with precision and style. Join the ranks of discerning enthusiasts who demand the best in quality and performance.

Limited availability. Elevate your grinding experience with the Wizard Trees SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER – order now and discover a new level of precision and satisfaction.

24 reviews for Wizard Trees SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER

  1. z*****m (verified owner)

    Generally well-made grinder with good hand feel. Grinds fluffy though sticky stuff requires a bit more work.

    At a price point pushing 60 dollars this piece should be 100 percent perfectly anodized (blue in my case) and not missing spots, whether due to poor anodizing process or chips.

    As other reviewers have noted such poor quality control does not benefit this brand. I love buying USA but, seriously, make the extra money I spend worth it in a superior product.

    If they wish to be sloppy, should be at least 15 dollars cheaper. Poor value at 55.

  2. l*****y (verified owner)

    The rubber gasket/ ring between the two main prices came off the first week of use. I use this item daily, so take that how you will. Product works fine without the gasket, but I have occasionally pinched my finger. Otherwise it has held up to resin and residue without too much stickiness. The only thing that would make it better is a screen. It is definitely not lightweight, but honestly I see that as a positive.

  3. tr****t (verified owner)

    Cluncky, threads decent at best, no need catcher at this price point is tough.

  4. ai*****h (verified owner)

    too expensive….doesnt even catch the keifer

  5. r****t (verified owner)

    I’ve had this for maybe 4 days and it’s already starting to gunk up and get harder to twist. Also I gently tap on the surface to get weed that’s sticking to the sides out and it’s denting it. This material seems like it’s made of plastic with how fragile it is if gently tapping it puts dents. There’s a rubber part between the top and bottom grinder and it’s already coming off. Why is this $55-$90?? Some of the most wasted money I’ve ever spent

  6. j*****hn (verified owner)

    It arrived with dents and scratches. I wouldn’t mind if they were just cosmetic, but they’re in the grinding area with exposed metal and paint chipping. There’s also dents in the threads that make it squeak when opening or closing. Returning as I’m not trying to smoke paint or anodizing.

    • admin

      We’re sorry for the inconvenience. You can file for a return with respect to our policies.

  7. n****k (verified owner)

    Brand new and came with multiple scratches in it. I’m very disappointed to see that this grinder came to me with multiple scratches in it. I received it in the mail less than an hour ago and have never used it and there’s scratches. Extremely disappointing, there shouldn’t be scratches on any brand new grinder, but ESPECIALLY not on a grinder that costs $50+. I am a medical patient and I bought this because it was a medically approved grinder, but now I don’t want to use it because the metal is chipped and I am worried about metal getting into my ground material and affecting my health.

  8. h****k (verified owner)

    Misled by size and cost. Expected more but got less

  9. i*****k (verified owner)

    But realized it’s actually quite good. Always a good grind, and even better is the durability. No concern of tiny pieces of metal chipping into your grind.

  10. br****d (verified owner)

    The product feels nice in the hand and seems to perform well. However, I paid the premium for this grinder because it’s marketed as “medical grade, ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum”. This led me to believe that I can sleep comfortably knowing that toxic chips won’t end up in my herbs. However, the product arrived with chips and scratches on multiple locations, which now leads me to believe that chips may end up in my herbs. Why pay a premium for a product that came chipped out of the box? Disappointing!

  11. ad*****m (verified owner)

    Great grinder, works fine and magnet is nice. Definitely not worth $60

  12. ga*****y (verified owner)

    must have tool. Works great with freshly harvested buds when you just can’t wait!!

  13. e*****k (verified owner)

    Excellent Grinder. Very smooth action. Seems to be well made. Tight fitting.

  14. sa*****z (verified owner)

    I had a low quality grinder before. The top is magnetized and the screw part is easy to screw as the threads are wide and not fine.

  15. j*****e (verified owner)

    I bought this grinder because my previous go-to machine was so prone to my sticky buds gumming up the works- it became tedious and time-consuming to grind a pile for stuffing cones with my awesome Nugsmasher Nugpacker Pro (see my review elsewhere on Amazon.com). After reading literally hundreds of reviews for the wide variety of grinders for sale on Amazon, I kept coming back to the Santa Cruz Shredder because numerous reviews mentioned how the design seems to make the machine resistant to plant material accumulation on the grinding teeth. So, I pulled the trigger, and I’m very glad that I did.

    The Santa Cruz Shredder I bought is the 2-1/8″ rig. Mine is a lovely Kelly Green. This is a three-piece, two-compartment grinder: grinding compartment and catch compartment (no kief collection compartment). The catch compartment is much deeper than any I have seen before, so you can grind and hold an amount that you’d normally only get with a larger diameter grinder. It works really well, and I, too, can confirm that the geometry of the grinding posts seems to minimize adhesion of plant material. The posts definitely have a unique shape compared to those in any of my other grinders (most of which just take up space in a drawer because they suck), and the sifting holes are rather large, too. Perhaps these design features explain the gunk-resistance, and they definitely explain the somewhat coarser grind compared to all those units sitting in my drawer. That may be a drawback for some folks, but to me the end product works perfectly well in cones and bowls. Vaporizers may be a different story, but I couldn’t venture to guess.

    Some other clever and useful design features include: a) coarser threads for the lower, catch compartment piece, which also has a long, leading flange- these features make assembly and disassembly a breeze, and there is almost no way you can cross-thread the parts; b) a long flange on the lid, which allows a secure fit between it and the bottom grinding piece and results in a large grinding volume; and c) a nylon washer on the lid, which acts to ‘lubricate’ the interface between the main grinding piece and the lid. Most of these features should be visible in the photos I have included.

    The final verdict: I love my Santa Cruz Shredder. It gets 5-stars for quality and function. It’s just great. And, it’s made here in the USA. The price of admission is really steep compared to nearly all of the competition (most of which is manufactured in PRC), but the value is, nonetheless, very high: my drawer full of decommissioned grinders is testament to that fact. That collection is cost probably 1.5-2x what I paid for my Santa Cruz Shredder.

  16. An****l (verified owner)

    purchased this to grind herbs, and it works flawlessly, I can fill it up, plug it in, put the lids on and hit the button a couple times…and boom perfectly ground to my desired texture, works well with dry and slightly moist herbs, the included spoon/brush makes cleaning it out after use so much easier. my only suggestion is there is 2 lids to put on to use, it would be best if they made it into 1 lid. if you do not put the first seal lid on the grinding pot and just the top cap lid that activates the grind feature, you will have a mess on your hands, great product overall though for time savings and ease of use.

  17. A****h (verified owner)

    I received the item quickly and it grinds up my herbs nicely except that I have to hold the cord into the machine for it to work. It is as if it came with the wrong cord, its loose and falls out with the slightest movement. It won’t stay plugged into the device. If I could get a better cord I would give it a better rating

  18. e*****k (verified owner)

    It goes well with a Santa Cruz skate deck as a rolling tray! I highly recommend this grinder!

  19. an*****y (verified owner)

    Awesome buy. This product grinds herbs with ease and has a wonderful bottom compartment to remove them for worth every penny 10 out of 10 would recommend

  20. j*****th (verified owner)

    It’s pretty small but as long as you don’t over fill it it grinds everything well with v Rey little effort.

  21. An****l (verified owner)

    Imagine thinking your student loans were actually going to be forgiven. Imagine thinking they were going to actually legalize it. Imagine thinking “safe and effective” meant it was safe and effective… this grinder is the deal. No keef cap but it’s so good u won’t care.

  22. ro*****r (verified owner)

    First time shredder. As a novice I obviously cannot compare, but I can say that the ease of use and quality of this shredder exceeded my expectations! Solid, cool colors, and works great. What’s not to like?

  23. Vinnie (verified owner)

    It works great so far hope it stays thins sharp. Does wat it supposed to do. Longtime user of santa cruz products U wont be dissapointed

  24. ron.jimmie (verified owner)

    Perfect. Does a great job and very high quality
    If you looking for one this it

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