Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW SWIRL

18 reviews



Flowering Time : 9 weeks
Genetics : ( CREAM x RS11 )
Sex : Feminized
Yield : Medium
Size : 3, 6 count


Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW SWIRL

Rainbow Swirl, a remarkable hybrid born from the fusion of Cream and RS11. Prepare to be amazed as the distinct Grease Monkey traits shine through generations of breeding in select phenotypes, revealing almost meaty undertones. The flowers are generously coated in trichomes with a resin production reminiscent of thin mint. This exceptional strain boasts a potent high and excellent flower and plant structure, making it an unbeatable choice. Get ready to indulge in the unique traits Rainbow Swirl has to offer.

Welcome to the World of Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW SWIRL Feminized Seeds!

Get ready to elevate your cannabis cultivation experience with our premium RAINBOW SWIRL feminized seeds. At Wizard Trees Genetics, we’ve combined innovation, expertise, and a passion for excellence to bring you the most exceptional feminized seeds on the market.

Why Choose Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW SWIRL Feminized Seeds?

  • Unleash the Beauty: Our RAINBOW SWIRL feminized seeds produce plants with mesmerizing colors and captivating swirls, making your garden a work of art.
  • Superior Genetics: Crafted with precision and care, our feminized seeds ensure genetic stability, allowing you to enjoy consistent and remarkable results with each grow.
  • Exquisite Aroma and Flavor: Delight your senses with the enchanting aroma and delectable taste of RAINBOW SWIRL, creating an unforgettable sensory experience.
  • Grow with Confidence: We stand by the quality of our seeds, empowering you to cultivate with confidence and achieve the full potential of your RAINBOW SWIRL plants.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your garden into a vibrant canvas of colors and aromas with Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW SWIRL Feminized Seeds. Embrace the magic of cultivation and let your imagination swirl with possibilities. Get your seeds today and let the enchantment begin!  #GrowWithWizardTrees #RAINBOWSWIRLFeminizedSeeds





18 reviews for Wizard Trees Genetics RAINBOW SWIRL

  1. D******rk (verified owner)

    Package received last week, everything arrived just as described in a discreet small brown box. Happy customer here. ✅

  2. lz******fp (verified owner)

    Only buying here from now on, this is official.

  3. An****l (verified owner)

    One of my favorite joints easy, top 5. Love it from the exhale, very, very smooth.

  4. sm******sh (verified owner)

    Do not waste your money on this strain!!!

  5. H****r (verified owner)

    it is delightful, the high made me hungry though, gotta stock up on snacks

  6. Cha******rd (verified owner)

    They keep it 100% every time

  7. jy******mq (verified owner)

    This is probably one of best strains out there. But smoking it felt like a sativa more than indica . I think cuz it’s mixed . Only downfall I couldn’t sleep kept me awake all night and had to take a sleeping tablet that’s my only concern taking it again.

  8. xw******rw (verified owner)

    Holy hell. The taste was amazing. Great high. Absolutely remarkable.

  9. Al****n (verified owner)

    Good flavor, good price for a premium cart.

  10. qk******kr (verified owner)

    If you want to relax and stop thinking about everything, this one is for you. I love taking a bath with this elephant. A fire with friends is also a good place to be. For an indica, my brain was certainly not “off” — just “idle”.

  11. E****rd (verified owner)

    Great quality

  12. ku******mj (verified owner)

    Used a indica dominant strain. Helps with my anxiety and anxiety attack and relieve my nerve pain in the back from disc herniation. Compared to Tramadol the side effects are very little. Only dizziness, a bit forgetful and hungry! Otherwise it helps a lot. You can’t get addicted to Cannabis as well or need to adjust the dose.

  13. A****ry (verified owner)

    Love the flavor on this thing. Smooth and fruity. Good hits, and has lasted what seems to be forever.

  14. kb******uk (verified owner)

    Awesome strain for making you laugh and almost a bit psychedelic if you smoke enough. I love it but drink some coffee because you will fall flat asleep and wake up with drool all over your face from the best nights sleep. Don’t use during the day.

  15. ku******mj (verified owner)

    Best I have found to help me sleep. Outstanding product! Recommend 100%

  16. fl*******d (verified owner)

    enjoyed the positive effects, mood uplift, focus… but gives me a massive headache every time, without fail. even when I mixed it with other strains that don’t give me headaches. never again. only a couple strains do this to me and they’re always hybrids that have carophyllene (the main terp in RS11 indicated by the red in the icon). no idea if that has anything to do with it, though.

  17. g*******s (verified owner)

    Anxiety was all I got from this strain. Avoid if you suffer from anxiety and PTSD. Some list as an indica – not!

  18. cn******by (verified owner)

    i feel empowered, no paranoia, just good vibes, my brain feels lighter n im walking with a pep in my step

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