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Effects: Relaxing, Happy, Energetic, Uplifting

Lineage :  Rope Fuel x RS11
Size : 1 grams


Zangria Cold Cure Rosin by Wizard Trees


The Zangria Cold Cure Rosin by Wizard Trees is a captivating cannabis product that promises a unique and delightful experience. Crafted with precision and care, this strain is sought after for its exceptional quality and sought-after flavor profile. The Zangria Cold Cure Rosin offers a sweet, juicy fruit flavor with hints of berry, reminiscent of a super fruity wine with a touch of tea aroma. This delightful strain inherits the robust flower and plant structure of RS11, while Zkittlez brings an extra dose of candy to the sweet rainbow blend.

Cold curing is the process that enables freshly-made rosin to transform its consistency via interactions of terpenes and cannabinoids in a self-contained environment. Cold curing starts in the low 60-degree range and lasts anywhere from one to three days, to even a week or more. This process creates the right environment for rosin to transform in texture and consistency, often from a greasy sap to a nice firm batter, bringing about both depth and subtlety in flavor that doesn’t exist in right off the press rosin dabs, and helps amplify the nose.

Experience the magic of Zangria Cold Cure Rosin by Wizard Trees and Fiya Farmer, and elevate your cannabis experience to new heights.

Sincere Review for Wizard Trees ZANGRIA COLD CURE ROSIN

Yo, listen up! So, I gotta tell ya about this Zangria Cold Cure Rosin by Wizard Trees. I mean, damn! This stuff is straight-up fire! Like, picture this – you take a hit, and it’s like a burst of juicy fruit flavors exploding in your mouth. It’s like sippin’ on the dankest Zangria on a hot summer day, you feel me?

And let me tell you, the high? It’s a whole vibe. It’s like a smooth rollercoaster to cloud nine, leaving you feelin’ all kinds of good. Plus, the cold cure process they use? It’s like they’re turning cannabis into a work of art, man.

If you’re lookin’ for that next-level, top-shelf experience, Zangria Cold Cure Rosin is where it’s at. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Wizard Trees definitely knows how to bring the heat with this one!


3 reviews for Wizard Trees ZANGRIA COLD CURE ROSIN

  1. C****en (verified owner)

    Phenomenal! Everything about these guys was great – comes and the stealth was top of its game and as for the packs – sensational! Beautiful smoke and thank you for the extras too guys! Really appreciate this. Will be using dabs and donuts alot more after my first experience. Highly recommended!

  2. Al****n (verified owner)

    The name suits the high, love the way it makes me feel!

  3. D****n (verified owner)

    this is good cannabis and comes at a great price. i’ve purchased it a couple of times now, and haven’t gotten bad bud once. would recommend to anyone on a budget who wants a good indica high without breaking the bank.

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